Grundfos Pressure Pump
CH Booster 
The CH system is an ideal choice where the pressure in the existing water supply is insufficient. Although useful as a pressure boosting system, the JP is particularly suitable for water supplies where the water contains high concentrations of air. The self priming JP is capable of drawing water from a well or tank.
How the system functions 
When water is drawn, it is first drawn from the pressure tank. When the pressure drops 
to the pre-set start pressure, the pump will start-up. When the water consumption drops again, the outlet pressure 
will rise to a pre-set stop pressure after which the pump will stop. 

JP and CH centrifugal pump systems for building services, Water supply and pressure boosting 

Reliable water supplies with the correct system 
With a Grundfos pump system, a wide variety of water transfer and water supply jobs in building services situations are tackled in a reliable way-Supply systems for weekend cottages, holiday resorts, hotels, commercial buildings, car washing, watering farm animals etc. 

The systems are based on the famous, reliable Grundfos JP and CH centrifugal pumps which constantly ensure sufficient water supplies at correct pressures.
The CH 
A multistage centrifugal pump ideal for pressure boosting and the supply of water with only limited air content. 

The JP 
A self-priming single stage centrifugal pump suitable for supplying water and pressure boosting even when the water 
contains a high level of air. 

Pressure vessels in different size can be supplied ie-178 ltr, 227 ltr, 328 ltr, 453 ltr. 

The JP and CH systems function as follows: 
Private water works where the water is drawn from a well, tank, reservoir, Lake, etc. 
Booster systems for existing water installations running at too low pressure. 

• Individual adjustment 
The start, stop and differential pressures of the JP and CH systems can be individually adapted and adjusted to ensure optimum operation in all installations. 
• Easy installation 
The compact design of the systems makes them ideal for installation in confined spaces. 
• Great reliability 
Grundfos only use quality materials and ideal technical solutions to ensure you 
reliable water supply systems.

A system for all purpose 
A wide range of Grundfos JP and CH pump systems are available in a number 
of different sizes.