Manual Water Softener

Solutions We Offer 
• We offer a water softening system which is connected directly to the water supply. 
• We have various models available to suit requirement of your site exactly. 
• The Softening System incorporates high performance long life ion-exchange resin bed with a Fully Automatic. 
• Control System for periodical Regeneration, Brine Refill & Back Wash. 
• The control system is having Programmable microprocessor & LCD display for various indications & for friendly User Interface. 

• Prolong service time between regeneration due to good quality high volume resin bed. 
• Manual regeneration, brine refill & back wash cycle operations. 
• State of the art roto - Wound FRP moulded softener vessel. 
• Highly resistant to UV & aging effect. 
• Extremely low maintenance.

Salient Features 
• Reduction in Fuel consumption and improves efficiency. 
• Prevents scale formation, Reduces Dyes, Chemicals. 
• Auxiliaries consumption. 

• Bungalow 
• Boiler Feed 
• Textile Processing 
• Dyes and Chemical Manufacturing 
• Hotels 
• Hospitals 
• Air Condition 
• Lce Plants 
• Cooling Water Make up 
• Power Plants 
• Soft Drink Beverages 
• Dairies