Booster / Submersible Pressure Pump

The system based on reliable Autopump make submersible booster pumps, with Digital control system & hydro pneumatic pressure tank. 

Wide range Autopump submersible booster series are famous and reliable which constantly ensure sufficient water supplies at current pressures. 

The PH series Boosters are mainly ideal choice for the pressure in the existing supply of water is very low. The PH series Boosters are capable for Drawing water from Under Ground Tank, well or from Over head tank supply. 

• Soundless performance due to submersible. 
• Very High efficiency, running cost is very low. 
• Easy to install, no need to disturb old plumbing lines. 
• Equipped with digital control panel which is having all kind of protection. 
• In built dry run protection. 

• Pressure boosting application for individual bungalows. 
• To Supply water in weekend cottages, holiday resorts etc. 
• Pressurized water for Hotels. 
• Washing cars and other vehicles. 
• Watering Farms. 

System Functionality 
As the water is drawn, firstly drawn from the pressure tank in which pressurized water is accumulated, as the pressure drop below the pre-set min level, pump starts up. As soon as consumption of water reduces pressure rises up to the maximum set value level and pump stops.