BoreWell and Open Well Submersibles Pumps

Key Features 
• Up to 30% Power Saving. 
• Best suitable for Sandy water application. 
• Fully Automatic (Switch Free) operation according to tank levels. 
• Less overall Dia.(93mm) than any other 4" pump (98mm) hence best suitable for rusted or less Dia Casing pipes. 
• Combine Pump-Motor design, hence no headache of coupling. 
• No need to fill water inside Motor. 
• Most compact 40% less height & Light weight. 
• Easy to install (No prior preparation required). 
• Built in Electronic Motor protection to protect motor from over loads. 
• Corrosion proof & rust free since all S.S. Pump body. 
• Withstands wide voltage variations from 160 V to 260 V. 

• Suitable for 4" Borewell, Open-well, Sump, Reservoir & Rivers. 
• Domestic water pumping in bungalows, Complexes, hIgh-rise buildings. 
• Mineral water & Food product Industry. 
• Gardening & Fountains.