Level Control System-starter

• Positive Motor Protection. 
• Electronic Current Sensing relay.
• Precise & Stepless Current Sett ng Fad ii ty with wide Amp. Range. 
• Fast Tripping on Over load. 
• Single Phasing & Unbalanced current protection.
• High I Low voltage cut off.
• Built in Level control System for Pump Automation (Optional),
• Bicolour Light Indications. Green for Run & Red for Trip.
• Facility for Remote operation. 
• Provision for Interlock for Automaton. 

• Electric Motors of all Industrial equipment & machinery From 0.25 hp to 7.5 hp Three Phase (DOL Starting) From 5 hp to 20 hp Three Phase (Star Dell Starting) From 0.25 hp to 3 hp Single Phase.
• Better option of conventional bi metal OIL Relay &
• Contactors for control panel application. Automation of Industrial & Agricultural pumping systems. Can a'so be used as Level control system for Domestic. Single Phase & Three Phase Pump Motors.
• km Conditioners Single Phase up to 1.5 Tonnes. Three Phase up to 5 Tonnes.