Automatic Pump Control
• Dry running protection with automatic reset 
• Noiseless 
• Designed for High start / stop per hour 
• Built in thermal protection 
• Easy to install and silent running 
• Low maintenance, extended pump life 

The product can replace the complicated installations of automatic water pump e.g. pressure gauge, pressure switch, T-valve, check valve and pressure tank. It has the features of stable performance, low maintenance and long life etc., It will indicate the pump has started when the green light "Power on" lights up after connecting the power. When the yellow light "Pump on" lights up, it indicates the pump has been started. The Pump continues to operate for a few minutes enabling the system to fill in the pipes and to reach the required pressure. If his lapse is insufficient, the red light "Failure" will light up. In this event, keep the "Restart" button pressed and wait, with a tap opened till the red light is off. once released the button and closed the tap, the product will keep the pump at its maximum pressure.

The product is designed especially for all control operation of automatic water pump. If the particular breakdowns occur,  such as water failure, obstruction of the suction pipe etc. the product recognizes the breakdowns and the red light "Failure" lights up, at the same a stop signal is sent to the pump to prevent damages caused by its working in the absence at water. Rectification of the failures that have caused the blockage, allows the system to be restarted by pressing the "Restart" button. The controller can ensure a constant pressure for the water supplying system and thus reduce the water hammer effect inside pipeline during water delivering. The controller also possesses the features of reset after power failure. Its starting flow is about 36-60L/h and is convenient for home application.