Auto Level Automation and protection Panel

Salient Feature

• Micro-computer based control system.

• Digital display wth backlight for Vo'tage & Amp.

• Trip reason annunciations on display.

•Built-in remote controller.

•Soft touch buttons to operate.

 • Menu driven programming.

 • Latest SSR technotgy based switching.

 • Fully Automatic with level control system.

 • Extra long service life of level Sensor even with Corrosive, Salty or Sewage water.

 • Preese computerized over load protection system.

• Prod less dry run protection with auto reset facility.

• Programmabie Offtmer for manual operation.

 • Automatic setting of I miting values by selecting

 • Pump/Motor Hp Valve.

 • Long Memory Storage life.

 • Very compact and light weight.

 • Durable and easy to install.



• Suitable for any submersible or mono block pump upto 1-0 3hp inck/ding capacitor bank Or 3 07.5 hp.

 • Suitable for Mud pumps for complete Dewatering Automation.

 • Also suitable for open-wea pumps for automaton and protection

Site Monitoring & Analysis

 • Displays & records no. of operations & duration of pump / motor running.

 • Displays & records no. of over trip & Dry run trip. Maintains records for various other site parameters. Special memory cards also available for getting site data history.

 • Customized software & hardware available for site data monitoring, analysis and automation.