Emergent is a device that uses a small amount of energy to pull renewable Energy (heat from the air) and push it in to water. 

  • B.O.M:- Emergent body : - M.S Powder Coated 
  • Water tank : - M.S & FRP & S.S. Compressor : - Make TOSHIBA. 
  • Hit Exchanger : - Copper tubes. 
  • Digital controller : - Make APCON. 
  • TECHNICAL DATA:- Standard Models DEH-102 DEH-152 DEH-202 DEH-203 
  • Storage capacity :100 ltr 150ltr 200ltr 200ltr 
  • Voltage: 230v 230v 230v 230v 
  • Current:  9.0A 9.0A 9.0A 11.5A 
  • Frequency:  50Hz 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz 
  • Input:  2.0 kw 2.0 kw 2.0 kw 2.5kw 
  • Output: kcal/hr 5500 5500 5500 7000 
  • Operating C.O.P :3.5 TO 4.5

Starting Device Solid state with digital display Operational temp. range -5 to 50 C Max water temp 60 C Max pressure 8(kg/cm2) Length(L) 950mm 990mm 1085mm 1085mm Height(H) 910mm 995mm 1020mm 1020mm Width(W) 500mm 570mm 625mm 625mm What is a Heat Absorption Water Heater?

  • Device which absorbs surrounding heat and uses it to heat water for daily usage. 
  • Device uses electricity but this electricity is not converted into heat, but rather used to pull heat from the surrounding atmosphere. 
  • Variable controlling factor to achieve best c.o.p with respect to outside weather. 

 Unique Features

  • New standards of efficient and intelligent water heating 
  • Save 75% on hot water energy costs
  • Uses renewable energy 
  • Fast hot water recovery
  • Superior performance day and night, winter or summer 
  • Sleek, contemporary design 
  • Equipped with intelligent digital control system with temperature display 
  • Lightweight, easy to transport and install 
  • Exposure to the sun is not required (it uses heat from the air) 
  • Very less initial investment as compared to solar water heater
  • Easy change over from an electric storage water heater
  • Helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Environment friendly 

Can qualify for valuable government incentives Comparison – Solar Heater Solar Water Heater Heat Absorption Water Heater Initial investment is very high Initial investment is less as compared to that of a solar water heater Output capacity is fixed i.e. it will only provide a certain litters of hot water per day Output capacity is not fixed i.e. large amount of hot water can be obtained every day In case the consumption is more than the fixed capacity, electrical backup power is used, which is, again, very expensive Since system’s output capacity is very high, there is no such need of a backup system. Requires a lot of space and affects the elevation and look of bungalows Requires less space compared to solar heaters and can be installed anywhere around a house Comparison – Electric Geyser Electric Geyser Heat Absorption Water Heater Heats up water slowly consuming tremendous electrical power Heats up water quicker than electric geyser. Also consuming less power in the process

Not suitable for high flow applications like shower panel, head shower etc.

Suitable for high flow and high pressure applications Consumption of large amounts of power means high energy bill Less power is consumed, which therefore, reduces the running cost Comparison – Gas Boiler Gas Boiler Heat Absorption Water Heater Fuel for heating is not as easily available as electricity Electricity is abundantly available almost everywhere Cost of heating 1lt. of water is more even if we take subsidized LPG rates into account Cost of heating 1lt. of water is less as compared to gas boilers LPG bottles are subsidized by the govt. and it is our responsibility to use them for appropriate applications like 

cooking etc. Electricity is used for operating, thus, no such issues arise


  •  Pressurized hot water 
  • Washing cloths 
  • Bathing


  • Hospital and clinic
  • Swimming pool
  • Hotel and Restaurant 
  • Industries.
  • Thinking for green earth
  • Go for “emergent”