USE FOR LUXURY BATHING &WATER SUPPLY System advantagesMicrohydro power is generated through a process that utilizes the natural flow of water.[11] This power is most commonly converted into electricity. With no direct emissions resulting from this conversion process, there are little to no harmful effects on the environment, if planned well, thus supplying power from a renewable source and in a sustainable manner. Microhydro is considered a "run-of-river" system meaning that water diverted from the stream or river is redirected back into the same watercourse.[12] Adding to the potential economic benefits of microhydro is efficiency, reliability, and cost effectiveness.[12] [edit] System disadvantagesMicrohydro systems are limited mainly by characteristics of the site. The most direct limitation comes from small sources with minuscule flow. Likewise, flow can fluctuate seasonally in some areas.[12] Lastly, though perhaps the foremost disadvantage is the distance from the power source to the site in need of energy.[12] This distributional issue as well as the others are key when considering using a microhydro system.